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I was born and raised 100km west of Melbourne in Ballarat, a 19th-century gold rush

town, and grew up in a household of arts and crafts (padded tissue boxes that gave

way to elegant and sophisticated embroidery from my mother, and functional and

solid woodwork from my father). A passion for all things creative guided me through

childhood. In high school I explored the worlds of art and drama where, with the help

of my father's camera, I discovered photography.

I received a Bachelor of Illustrative Photography from Royal Melbourne Institute of

Technology in 2000 and as the world of photography changed from analog to

digital, I continued my education and in 2003 received a Masters of Multi-Media

Design from Monash University.

I have had a variety of jobs from deli worker to video editor but for most of my working life, I have worked in design and photography.  I am always carrying paper, paints, and pens so I can create something when the moment takes me.

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